Hypnotherapy in Surrey

Welcome to Hale Hypnotherapy. Becky runs her own private practice in Haslemere where you can relax in comfortable surroundings close to the borders of Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Becky also has a practice at Lucks Yard in Milford, near Godalming.

Becky has 8 years experience, treating a wide variety of issues.

Do you want to make positive changes in your life?
Do you want to quit smoking or lose weight?
Do you have emotional problems such as anxiety, exam nerves?
Do you need help with medical problems where more traditional methods have failed?

Becky Hale LicAc, BSc (Hons), Dip Tui Na, MBAcC, DHP

If you are struggling with a particular issue that is holding you back in some way and it is affecting your quality of life, career, relationships or overall wellbeing then hypnotherapy may be the answer.

For some people, it is a case of getting rid of an unwanted behaviour. For others, it’s moving forward in another direction, or letting go of something from the past. Whatever changes you are looking to make, it is likely that hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy makes changes rapidly and permanently, often where conventional treatments have failed. It uses hypnosis as a platform for a number of different therapeutic techniques, depending on what works best and most effectively for each person.

I use techniques tailored to fit both you as an individual and your own unique relationship with the problem. Whether your issue is affecting you emotionally or physically my approach can help you make changes that will move you towards a solution that is right for you.

Typical problem areas that hypnotherapy may be able to help with:

• Stopping smoking
• Weight loss
• Anger problems
• Anxiety
• Exam, interview nerves
• Headaches, migraines
• Improving sports performance
• Insomnia
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Nail biting
• Pain control
• Panic attacks
• Past life regression
• Phobias (flying, spiders)
• Presentation nerves
• Public speaking nerves
• Self confidence
• Stress
• Trauma
• Unwanted habits
• And many more ……..

I received extensive training for two years with privately run ARK courses and obtained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.

Alongside hypnotherapy I also offer acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture (facial revitalisation) and tui na (chinese remedial massage).

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of complementary medicine. The Chinese and other eastern cultures have been using acupuncture for over two thousand years to promote, restore and maintain good health.

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, our physical and emotional well-being is dependent on the balanced flow of energy, otherwise known as ‘qi’ through the body. When the flow of ‘qi’ becomes stuck or unbalanced it can lead to ill health.

Through the insertion of very fine needles into specific points along these channels of energy, acupuncture can stimulate the body’s own healing response by removing any blockages and helping to restore its natural balance.

Nowadays more people are turning to acupuncture as a safe, natural medicine to treat long standing conditions or where conventional treatments have not helped.

Acupuncture is now widely used and accepted all over the world and in the UK there are currently over 3000 qualified acupuncturists registered with the British Acupuncture Council.

For further information on acupuncture please click here

I am fully insured and all of my sessions are carried out with full respect to client confidentiality

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you, please call me on 07779 360032 or send me an email.

I offer a no obligation, free 15 minute consultation for you to decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.