What patients say about Hypnotherapy


“I gradually learnt to ‘let go’ with the skills of the hypnotherapist enabling me to relax, listen and apply the skill passed to me, in times of need.”

JH – Bookham

“Becky took the time to explore the root of my issues, she was very caring and above all professional, with a clear focus on my desired outcome.  She identified the issues and was able to structure each session accordingly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Becky to anyone who is thinking about having hypnotherapy.”

JB – Effingham

“I have tried numerous diets over the years – some with more success than others but none that have made a lasting difference or addressed the longer term life style changes.  Hypnotherapy has been a revelation and I have been impressed by the gradual changes in my approach and thinking about food, why, when and where I eat.  The sessions are relaxing and obviously painless whilst the effects are long lasting.  Becky is a supportive and imaginative practitioner and it has been a pleasurable journey which I look forward to maintaining.”

HW – Leatherhead

“I suffered from exam nerves so badly that I froze completely when I had to sit an exam.  I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and sat my mocks and was able to answer every question on every paper.  I feel so much calmer as I enter the exam room now.”

FW – Effingham

“I was very apprehensive about hypnotherapy, however after only a few sessions with Becky, I am now feeling so much more positive about myself.  She has helped me address the underlying issues I had with my weight and image, which no amount of dieting would have solved.  I now have a much healthier lifestyle and feel great.  Hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxing treatment and I would highly recommend Becky Hale Hypnotherapy”.

AR – Dorking

“I came to see Becky to see if hypnotherapy could help me eat more healthily. I hardly ate any vegetables and after seeing Becky for 4 sessions I was eating a lot more healthily and vegetables are now a part of my daily diet. I am 39 years old and after hypnotherapy with Becky I have eaten more vegetables in the past few months that I have in my previous 39 years! I feel much more healthy and am very happy with all the assistance Becky has given me. Hypnotherapy has really changed the way that I eat and my diet is now so much healthier.”
NW – London

“I came to see Becky for fear of flying.  I had a trip to see my sister in Australia and was very anxious about the flight.  A big thank you. The flight was amazing I can’t believe I enjoyed it. I had no panic attacks and if I felt a bit shaky I did the counting down that Becky suggested and it went away straight away.  My travel companions couldn’t believe how calm I was on the flight.  Everything went so smoothly.  An 18 hour flight to Perth Australia was an enjoyable experience.”
JT – Haslemere

“I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy to stop smoking and it has worked.  I am confident that I will not start again and am amazed at how easy I have found giving up smoking to be with the hypnotherapy sessions.  Becky has also been a great support throughout the process and I would recommend her services to anyone.”
JD – Midhurst

“I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy for fear of flying.  The whole build up to the flight was excellent.  On the flight I was so calm and had no worries of being in a small space.  Hypnotherapy helped me enormously and I am already wanting to book our next holiday, so a HUGE thank you!”
KB – Liphook

“It took only 3 sessions with Becky to turn me from a miserable smoker to a happy non-smoker.”
JK – Headley

“I feel so much calmer and more relaxed since having Hypnotherapy. My anxiety is so much better.  The self hypnosis and breathing techniques that Becky taught me have been invaluable. Thank you so much for all of your help.”
BW – Haslemere